Talking About Books

Maggie: What did you think of the book you started last week?

Kurt: Oh, I liked it Well enough.

Maggie: Wow, that’s a Glowing recommendation.

Kurt: Well, it Started off with a bang and the Suspense in the first half was great. I Couldn’t put it down. Then, the Pace changed in the second half and it was an Effort to finish it.

Maggie: Really? I read it a few months ago and I loved it. I thought the Characterization was really good. I could really Relate to the two main characters.

Kurt: Yeah, that’s true enough, but the Plot Dragged, don’t you think? The Author just couldn’t Pull it off and the Ending was Laughable.

Maggie: I really liked the ending! I can’t wait for the Sequel.

Kurt: Well, That makes One of us.

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Talking About Books