Making Repairs on the Outside of a House

Maggie: Watch out! Are you okay?

Conrad: I’m fine, but I almost Tripped over that Crack in the Driveway. We’ve got to get that Fixed.

Maggie: I know it’s a Hazard, but First things first. We should fix those broken Front steps, don’t you think?

Conrad: I see what you mean.

Maggie: And we have to repair that part of the Fence that’s falling down. See? If it Leans any more, we won’t be able to open the Gate.

Conrad: Oh, I didn’t realize the fence was falling down. Yes, you’re right, we should take care of those things first.

Maggie: And the Porch light is Out. I’m not sure if we just need to replace the Bulb, or if it’s an Electrical issue.

Conrad: I didn’t realize the outside of our house was in such Disrepair. I’ve been traveling too much for work.

Maggie: I admit I’ve been Putting off the repairs, too.

Conrad: All right, I know what we’ll be doing this weekend – all weekend!

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Making Repairs on the Outside of a House