Having Trouble Making a Decision

Lorenzo: Have you bought a new television yet?

Katia: No, I’m still looking at Consumer reviews and Weighing my options. I’m not sure yet what size I want or what features I need. I’m Keeping my options open for now.

Lorenzo: I thought your old TV stopped working three weeks ago. You still haven’t Made up your mind about buying a new one?

Katia: Oh, I’ve decided to buy a new one. It’s which one I’m going to buy that’s making me Hesitate. There are so many Options to choose from. I want to approach this Logically and decide only after I’ve done the proper Analysis.

Lorenzo: It’s only a TV. It’s not like it’s a house or even a car.

Katia: I know, but I’m the one who has To live with the decision. I’ll look at it every day, and if I don’t make the right decision, it’ll Haunt me for years.

Lorenzo: You know what I think?

Katia: What?

Lorenzo: I think you’re Crippled by Indecision, and you’re Stalling. The sooner you make a decision and buy a new TV, the better.

Katia: Hey, what are you doing? Where are you taking me?

Lorenzo: We’re going to the Electronics store this minute, and you’re buying a TV – today!

Katia: What if I Regret my decision?

Lorenzo: Then I’ll buy you a new one.

Katia: Fine, but I’m Holding you to that!

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Having Trouble Making a Decision