Maintaining Internet Privacy

Lorenzo: I wouldn’t Post all of those photos on Social media sites.

Pamela: Why not? Only my friends and family are going to see them.

Lorenzo: I wouldn’t be so sure. And I wouldn’t post all of that Personal data either or Divulge personal information. You don’t know who may Gain access to your page.

Pamela: There are Privacy safeguards on this website. I can Block anyone I don’t know from getting access, so no one can see what I post without Permission.

Lorenzo: Well, the people who run the website itself have access. They could Track what you do and what you post, and extract data from your page to sell to Third-party Buyers.

Pamela: No, they can’t do that. I’d know if they were doing that.

Lorenzo: How?

Pamela: Well…

Lorenzo: As I said, that’s happening as we speak. And those are the Legitimate uses of your information. Hackers can gain access, too, with Malicious intent. They can do a lot of damage with the personal data you’ve posted.

Pamela: So, what should I do?

Lorenzo: Take down most of your posts and photos, at least the ones you wouldn’t want everyone to see.

Pamela: But that would mean no one would know anything about me. Worse yet, it would mean having a really boring page.

Lorenzo: It’s either risk being boring or risk an Invasion of your privacy.

Pamela: Wow, what a Dilemma!

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Maintaining Internet Privacy