Talking About Attractive Men and Women

Pamela: You know that your tongue is hanging out of your mouth, right?

David: That’s because I’ve never seen so many beautiful women in one place before. Why have I never been to this beach before? Look at her! She’s a Hottie!

Pamela: Isn’t that what you said about that woman over there?

David: No, I said she’s a Babe. Look at the way she Sways when she walks.

Pamela: Stop Ogling her or her boyfriend or husband is going to come over here.

David: I’m not ogling. I’m admiring the perfection of the female body.

Pamela: You’re Undressing her with your eyes. Avert your gaze before you regret it. Oh, wow!

David: What?

Pamela: Check out that guy over there. Hello, Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome!

David: That Pretty boy over there? He’s too Into himself. Look at the way he’s Posing so every woman on this beach can get a look at him. He’s nothing but an Exhibitionist.

Pamela: And the women you’ve been ogling in the Teeny tiny bikinis?

David: Those women? They’re just Showing off what God gave them!

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