Nervous at an Interview I

I was On my way to an interview and there was a lot of Traffic on the road. I got to the office In the nick of time For my appointment. I walked into the Lobby of the building and looked at the Directory. I saw that Casey Enterprises was on the Penthouse floor and headed to the elevator. The door was just closing.

David: Could you hold the elevator, please? Thanks a lot.

Woman: No problem. What floor?

David: I’m headed to the 18th floor, the Top floor.

Woman: Oh, So am I.

David: Do you work there? I have an interview today with Dale Mendoza. Do you know her?

Woman: Yeah, I know her pretty well.

David: To tell you the truth, I’m really nervous. I had a dream last night that I was being interviewed by a Three-headed monster that kept trying To bite my head off. Oh, wow, my Palms are sweaty just thinking about it. I just hope Ms. Mendoza won’t be able to hear my Teeth chattering. I just hope I get though this In one piece.

The elevator doors opened just then and we both walked out. I don’t know why I Poured my heart out to a Perfect stranger, but it actually seemed to help me Chill Out a bit. I didn’t feel quite as nervous.

We were in the reception area and I headed to the Reception desk. The woman started walking in the other direction. She turned and called back, “Good luck” with a smile.

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