Getting a Driver’s License

Jane: Hey, Henry. You look busy. What’s that you’re reading?

Henry: Oh, hi, Jane. I’m studying the Driver’s manual so I can finally get my driver’s license. I just hope I can remember all these Traffic laws.

Jane: I’m sure you’ll pass the tests With flying colors, especially since you can Miss a few and still pass. Just don’t forget to bring your glasses with you so you don’t fail the Vision test.

Henry: Yeah, I know. I think the written test will be okay, but I’m really worried about the Road test. I never took Driver’s ed and I’m nervous Behind the wheel. My brother failed his test the first time because he forgot To signal a left turn, and then he didn’t Yield to a Pedestrian. He also Screwed up on the Parallel parking.

Jane: It sounds like he just got nervous. A busy Intersection is always tricky. So when’s your Appointment at the DMV?

Henry: Next Tuesday. But I might just go in earlier and take the test as a Walk-in.

Jane: Can’t wait, huh? Well, I’ll let you get back to studying. Good luck!

Henry: Thanks. See you around.

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