Feeling Restless and Jumpy

Adam: Sit still and stop Bouncing your leg like that!

Ellen: Sorry, I didn’t realize I was doing it. I’m just a little jittery.

Adam: Well, try to Chill out. We’re supposed to be studying and your Restlessness is Distracting.

Ellen: I can’t help it. I’m like this because I had a lot of coffee. That’s the only way I can do an All-nighter.

Adam: But how can you study when you’re Fidgeting all the time? Stop Tapping your pen on the table!

Ellen: Sorry. It’s either I’m Worked up or I fall asleep, and tomorrow’s test is a Make-or-break one for me. I’ve got to do well.

Adam: I don’t see how you can get any studying done when you’re Strung out on Caffeine. You’re so Jumpy and I think you’re starting To twitch. Why don’t you try To counteract the caffeine by drinking lots of water?

Ellen: Do you know how long it took me to get this Keyed up? I’m not doing anything to reduce the effects.

Adam: Fine.

Ellen: Hey, where are you going?

Adam: Anywhere But here!

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Feeling Restless and Jumpy