Hailing and Taking a Taxi

My company sent me on my first business trip, and I was supposed to travel around the city in Taxis. Having never ridden in a taxi before, I had problems From start to finish.

First, I had trouble Hailing a Cab. I didn’t realize that when the taxi’s light is off that the Cabbie is Off duty. No wonder they Took no notice of me.

Then, a cab did Pull over and I told him where I wanted to go. He said, though, that he wouldn’t take me because he wouldn’t be able to get a Return fare!

I was looking around for a Taxi stand when another cab pulled over, but my troubles didn’t stop there.

Cabbie: Where to?

Ignacio: I’d like to go the Hamilton Building downtown. There’s a Flat rate, isn’t there?

Cabbie: No, we don’t have flat rates.

Ignacio: But a flat rate to downtown is required by law, isn’t it?

Cabbie: Do you want to go downtown or not? I’ve already started the Meter.

Ignacio: Where are your Posted rates?

Cabbie: We don’t have any. The first mile is $3.50 and each quarter mile is $2.00.

Ignacio: That doesn’t sound right to me. I think I’ll try another cab.

Cabbie: Suit yourself!

I remembered what my co-worker told me. She said to Steer clear of private cabs, like this one. The cabbies don’t have Licenses and some of them will really Take you for a ride – and not the kind you want!

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