Having a Business Mentor

Alex: Where are you going?

Kenya: I’m going to meet my business Mentor.

Alex: Your business mentor? What do you do with a business mentor?

Kenya: Well, my mentor is like an Advisor. We meet Regularly and I get her Feedback and Guidance with my ideas on starting a business.

Alex: Oh, so you’re her Protege?

Kenya: No, I’m not. I simply go to her with my ideas and she helps me Hash them out. She’s a successful Entrepreneur and I’m there to learn from her experience.

Alex: How did you get her to be your mentor? Were you already friends?

Kenya: No, I contacted her Out of the blue, actually. I’ve read about her company and her many successes, and I wrote her a letter telling her about me and what I hope To accomplish. She agreed to meet with me, and at that first meeting, we really Clicked and now we meet once a month.

Alex: That’s very generous of her. What does she Get out of it?

Kenya: I’m not sure, but I think she enjoys giving me Pointers and sharing her Expertise. I’m very Appreciative and she says I remind her a lot of herself when she was my age. I take that as a huge Compliment.

Alex: You should. If you’re like her, you’ll be a Multi-millionaire In no time flat.

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