Describing Brisk and Slow Business

Clint: Anya! Long time no see. Let me buy you a drink. I’m celebrating.

Anya: Oh, yeah? What’s the good news?

Clint: My company has had a Banner month. Since we Launched our new Line of software, we’re having trouble Keeping up with demand. Every product is Flying off the shelves.

Anya: Wow, that’s great news. Everybody I talk to is Singing a different tune. Foot traffic is down and business is slow – really slow.

Clint: That’s too bad. I thought that Yao’s company was doing Brisk business. Six months ago, he was selling a line of cell phones that was All the rage, and customers were Beating down his door to get one.

Anya: That was six months ago. It’s a different story now. Those cell phones are now considered Passe, and he has Inventory he can’t Unload. You know how Fickle the market is.

Clint: I’m sorry to hear that. How about you? How’s the travel business?

Anya: Why do you think I’m sitting here Crying in my beer? Pull up a chair and I’ll tell you my Sob story.

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Describing Brisk and Slow Business