Important Business Contacts

Kelly: What we need are a few people in the Industry To talk up our new company.

John: I’m On top of that. I’m really Well connected, as you know, and I’ve already Put in a few calls to a few of the Movers and shakers in our business.

Kelly: I didn’t know you had such a Vast network of Contacts.

John: Oh, sure I do. I don’t mean To name drop, but you know Kevin Martinez at McQ Corp? I’m pretty Tight with him. And Eva Arribas at Syntect? She and I Go way back.

Kelly: Wow, those are some Heavy hitters!

John: You’ve said it. And Kevin Owes me one, and Eva would Bend over backwards for me.

Kelly: It’s great! What did they say when you asked them To get the word out about us?

John: Um, I’m still waiting to hear back from them. I’m sure they’ll call back Any day now.

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