Being Talkative and Reserved

Marcia: Phew! I thought they’d never leave.

Artem: I enjoyed their Company, didn’t you?

Marcia: Jessie is fine, a little Reserved and Soft-spoken, and on the Shy side. Kelly, on the other hand, Talked our ear off. No one could Get a word in edgewise with her.

Artem: I thought Kelly’s Anecdotes were funny. She was a little Long-winded, I’ll admit, but I enjoyed talking to her more than trying To make conversation with Jessie. She is so Close-mouthed and Guarded that it was Like pulling teeth.

Marcia: I’d rather talk to someone who is a little Reticent than a Loudmouth.

Artem: Ooh, that’s a little Harsh.

Marcia: Maybe you’re right, but I don’t like the Blathering, Gossipy type.

Artem: I wonder…

Marcia: What?

Artem: I wonder what they’re saying about us.

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