Playing Video Games

Achim: Check out this new game I just got!

Marcia: Let me see. Oh, it’s a Fighting game. I’m not into those. I like Role-playing or Simulation games a lot better.

Achim: This isn’t just a fighting game. You have to use Strategy for each Mission. Check out these amazing Graphics!

Marcia: I can’t play that at my house. I have a different Console.

Achim: Yes, you can. It’s Multiplatform. Look at the box. It says that you can use a Joystick as your Navigation system or a keyboard and mouse.

Marcia: You know, right now I’m really Into retro games.

Achim: You mean last year’s games?

Marcia: No, I mean really Old school games, like the ones my parents used to play.

Achim: You mean like Pac-Man and Pong?!

Marcia: Yeah, exactly. They’re classic and a lot less Violent.

Achim: Yeah, but they’re so boring you fall asleep playing them. You can’t call yourself a Gamer if you play those kinds of games. Give me 3-D action and some blood and Gore.

Marcia: You can have it. I’ll Pass.

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