Insulting Other People

Lourdes: Do you see those teenagers over there? They’re making trouble again.

Nick: Those kids are just Messing around. When they get bored, they’ll Pipe down and go home.

Lourdes: They’re really Getting on my nerves, playing loud music and making all that noise. They’re a Disgrace.

Nick: Get away from that window before they see you. If they see that they can’t Get a rise out of us, they’ll move along. What are you doing? What are you planning to do with that broom?

Lourdes: I’m going to use it To wave them off.

Nick: I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Teenagers can be Unpredictable. You don’t know if a small Slight might Set them off. Insult them and you’re Asking for trouble.

Lourdes: I don’t care. I’m doing it anyway.

Nick: Great! Now you have their attention. They’re Flipping us off!

Lourdes: Yeah, well, Two can play that game. Take that!

Nick: Are you crazy?!

Lourdes: No, I’m just Giving as good as I get. Look what they’re doing now!

Nick: They’re Mooning us!

Lourdes: Well, two can play that game, too!

Nick: What?! Are you Nuts?! You can’t moon them back.

Lourdes: Oh, no? Watch me!

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Insulting Other People