Having an Overbearing Father

Dad: Where are you going?

Eva: Out.

Dad: Out where?

Eva: Dad, I’m nearly a Grown woman. You don’t need to be so Overbearing. You give me The third degree every time I leave the house.

Dad: As long as you live Under my roof, you’ll Live by my rules. Now, where are you going?

Eva: I’m going over to Damien’s house To hang out. I’ll be home before Curfew.

Dad: I don’t like that guy, Damien. He’s Not good enough for you. He’s a Troublemaker. Mark my words: That kid is Going nowhere fast. Is this a date?

Eva: No, Dad, we’re just going to watch a movie.

Dad: Alone? With no Supervision? What is this world coming to?

Eva: Dad, we’re not kids anymore. We’re both 17.

Dad: That’s exactly the right age to get into the most trouble.

Eva: What are you doing?

Dad: I’m putting on my coat.

Eva: Why?

Dad: You and Damien need a Chaperon.

Eva: No way, Dad! I’m not going over to Damien’s with you Tagging along as our chaperon. That would be Humiliating.

Dad: Good, then you’ll stay home. So, what movie should we watch tonight?

Eva: Huh!

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