Watching Videos on the Internet

Sheila: Where are you going?

Rudy: I’m going to the Video store to rent a movie for tonight. Do you want to come?

Sheila: You don’t need to do that. We can watch nearly any movie you want Online.

Rudy: Oh, you mean we can pay To download it?

Sheila: Yeah, we can download it, but we don’t have to pay for it.

Rudy: What do you mean? You’re not using a File-sharing site, are you?

Sheila: Of course, I am. Everybody is doing it.

Rudy: Aside from the Ethical issues, it’s so frustrating watching videos online. The ones that Stream are constantly Pausing to buffer. The Interruptions drive me crazy!

Sheila: Yeah, sometimes, but there’s usually a Workaround.

Rudy: Even so, the movies are usually Pirated and they’re so Grainy. I want to watch something in High definition. Come on, let’s go to the video store. It’ll be My treat.

Sheila: All right, If you insist, but why can’t we just pay to download it right here at home?

Rudy: We could do that, but where would we get the Popcorn?

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