Participating in Internet Discussion Groups

Dale: I didn’t know you read that Forum. What’s your Screen name?

Jessie: It’s “jessiegirl,” but I don’t Post very often. I like to Lurk and follow the different Threads, but I prefer to Keep a low profile.

Dale: Really? I post all the time. I just put my new web address on my Profile, and check this out. It’s my new Avatar.

Jessie: That’s cool. I’ve been trying to figure out how To upload a picture for my avatar. Are there instructions in the FAQs?

Dale: I’m not sure, but I can show you how to do it. Have you been following the thread about the presidential campaign?

Jessie: Yeah, I had been…until today.

Dale: Why’s that?

Jessie: I stopped reading when this one guy, “bigman,” started to Flame everybody, saying that anyone who didn’t agree with him is an idiot.

Dale: Oh, really?

Jessie: Yeah, he started posting Replies, writing in all Caps and Letting people have it. He Quoted people Out of context and attacked them. What a jerk!

Dale: Yeah, that guy sounds like a jerk.

Jessie: Hey, what did you say your screen name is?

Dale: Never mind.

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