Advertising Jobs on the Internet

Wendy: I just heard that you’re not going to use a Recruitment agency to fill the new position.

Pedro: No, I’m not. There are so many Internet Job boards out there that I think we can find good Candidates without using Headhunters.

Wendy: But headhunters do a good job of Weeding out people who don’t have the right experience or Qualifications.

Pedro: Yes, but they also charge a large Commission. I’m going To post an Ad on a few major job boards to see what happens. Most of them don’t charge a Listing fee so there’s No harm in trying.

Wendy: I Predict you’re going To be flooded with applications, and it’s going to take a lot of time to separate the good from the bad.

Pedro: That’s where you come in.

Wendy: What do you mean?

Pedro: You are my assistant, aren’t you?

Wendy: Yes.

Pedro: And your job is to assist me, right?

Wendy: Yes.

Pedro: Good. Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a busy week!

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