Asking About Jobs

I was at the store The other day. I saw a former co-worker, Michael, across the room. He used to work at my company until he quit a few months ago to start a new job as a Public relations officer at Missouri University. It’s a job he’s been Working toward For years. He wasn’t happy working for a corporation and wanted to get into either a Non-profit organization or a university. I wanted to see how he was doing. The truth was, I was thinking of making a move myself.

Becky: Hey, Michael. Remember me? I’m Becky. We used to work at Lekmans together.

Michael: Oh, sure. How are you? Long time, no see. How are things at Lekmans?

Becky: It’s about the same. I’ve been thinking of making a change Myself. Do you mind if I ask you a few things about your job at the university?

Michael: No, not at all. Go ahead.

Becky: Well, I was wondering What the salaries are like? I mean are they much lower than the corporate world?

Michael: Well, I can’t speak for all universities, But my salary is a definitely lower than at Lekmans. I just don’t think the salaries are Comparable when you leave a major corporation.

Becky: Yeah, that’s what I thought. But, I’ve heard that the Perks are better. I was wondering if That was really true.

Michael: I’d have to say Yes and no On that. I don’t get a big end-of-the-year bonus like I did at Lekmans but I get to take classes for free if I want to. I’ve always wanted to get a graduate degree so I’m taking classes now to do that.

Becky: Oh, that’s great. It sounds like you’re really happy with your move.

Michael: Yeah, I guess I am. Working at a university Really suits me.

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