Getting Around Regulations

Michael: I have some Qualms about how we’re handling these accounts.

Leona: What do you mean?

Michael: There are strict Regulations governing what we can and cannot do, and I think we’re Violating those regulations.

Leona: Listen, it’s a matter of Interpretation. We’re not Flouting any regulations. We’re just not Following the letter of the law.

Michael: I, for one, think that we’ve Crossed the line. I’m not against some Creative accounting, but what we’re doing is Bordering on criminal.

Leona: Aren’t you Blowing things out of proportion? The government makes laws knowing that people are going to try To get around them. There are always Loopholes and that’s why they Turn a blind eye to most of these types of activities. As long as we Comply with most of the regulations, we’re not going to get into any Hot water.

Michael: I appreciate your confidence, but I don’t share it. I think we’re In for some major problems if we don’t change the way we do business.

Leona: Come on, let’s go get some coffee and see what we can do about that Overactive conscience of yours.

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