Speaking to a Baby or Young Child

My sister had to go out of town for a couple of days and I offered To look after her 18-month-old Twins. It wasn’t long before I realized that I was Over my head!

Colleen: Okay, you two, it’s time to go Beddy-bye.

Baby: No!

Colleen: Yes, let’s get your Jammies on. You can keep your Binkie for now. Your Blankie is already in your bed and it’s time to go Night-night.

Baby: Potty!

Colleen: Okay, once you have your jammies on, we’ll go potty. What’s the matter, Mark?

Baby: Owie!

Colleen: You have an owie? Where? In your Tummy? Oh, you have a Boo-boo on your finger. No, don’t stick your wet finger in your brother’s ear. That’s Icky. Wait one Teensy-weensy minute and I’ll put a Band-aid on it.

Baby: Whee!

Colleen: Michael, you can’t jump off the chair like that. That’s a No-no. Oopsie-daisy!

Baby: Waaaaa!

Michael had Learned his lesson and so had I!

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