Methods for Quitting Smoking

Lisa: This is it. I’m Quitting smoking for good.

Michael: Good for you. Are you going Cold turkey?

Lisa: No, I tried that, but it didn’t work. I Craved cigarettes too much.

Michael: How about Nicotine gum? Have you tried that?

Lisa: Yes, but I didn’t like the Side effects. It Irritated my Throat.

Michael: That’s too bad. I suppose you’ve tried Nicotine patches, too?

Lisa: Yes, I have. I became Addicted to the patches and couldn’t Wean myself off of them. I just traded one addiction for another.

Michael: And Electronic cigarettes?

Lisa: They only made me want to smoke a real cigarette. They were no help at all.

Michael: So, what now?

Lisa: I’m going to try Hypnosis. I hear that it works for some people.

Michael: And if that doesn’t work?

Lisa: The Last resort is Acupuncture. Some people say that’s effective for quitting smoking.

Michael: If you say so. Sometimes The cure is truly worse than the disease!

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