Performing an Intervention

Petra: Hey, what’s going on here? Why are all of you here in my apartment?

Johann: Your family and close friends are here to perform an Intervention. We feel that you have a problem that is negatively Affecting your life and the lives of the people around you.

Petra: An intervention?! I don’t need an intervention. What am I supposed To be addicted to?

Johann: I think you know. Each of us can Attest to your Obsession and the Consequences of that addiction. It is Interfering with your work and your personal relationships.

Petra: No, it’s not. I can’t believe this. I feel Cornered!

Johann: We just want to help you. We all agree that you need to see a Therapist and maybe go into Treatment.

Petra: You guys are all crazy. Is that an Ultimatum?

Johann: Yes, I’m afraid it is. If you don’t stop your obsessive behavior, we’ll take that away.

Petra: What?! Take away my MP3 player? If you take away my MP3 player, how am I supposed to listen to ESL Podcast?

Johann: That’s the idea. Listening to ESL Podcast 14 hours a day is not Healthy.

Petra: Okay, I know I’ve Gone overboard, but I’ll stop. I Promise.

Johann: You’ll stop Cold turkey?

Petra: Well…I need To be weaned off, I think. How about if I Cut back to 10 hours a day to start?

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Performing an Intervention