Asking About Business Hours

Store owner: Hello.

Karin: Hello, is this Joe’s Shoe Repair?

Store owner: Yes, how can I help you?

Karin: I’m calling to find out your Business hours.

Store owner: We’re open 24/7.

Karin: Really? You’re open 24 hours a day, Seven days a week?

Store owner: Yes, we are, More often than not. Of course we close for Major holidays.

Karin: Is that all?

Store owner: We also close the first and third Monday and Every other Sunday of each month, except the fourth Sunday, when we’re always open 8:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m., unless we have Extended hours.

Karin: Oh, okay. If I brought in a pair of shoes to be fixed today, how quickly can you have them ready?

Store owner: Normally, we can have shoes repaired in three or four days, but not this week.

Karin: Why?

Store owner: We’re closed Wednesday through Friday for Renovation.

Karin: Okay, what if I brought them in next week?

Store owner: That’s No good either. The Exterminators are coming in and we’re closed Monday through Thursday.

Karin: Are you Pulling my leg?

Store owner: Of course not! This is a Respectable business. I never joke about business.

Karin: How about The week after next?

Store owner: Sorry, but you’re Out of luck. The week after next we’re closed for vacation.

Karin: When do you actually open 24/7?

Store owner: We’re always open 24/7 – with just a few Exceptions.

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Asking About Business Hours