Значение идиомы shut up

[shut up] {v.} 1. {informal} To stop talking.

Little Ruthie toldFather about his birthday surprise before Mother could shut her up.

-Often used as a command; usually considered rude.

Shut up and letJoe say something.

If you’ll shut up for a minute, I’ll tell youour plan.

Syn.: BUTTON YOUR LIP, DRY UP, KEEP ONE’S MOUTH SHUT. 2.To close the doors and windows of.

We got the house shut up onlyminutes before the storm hit.

3. To close and lock for a definiteperiod of time.

The Smiths always spend Labor Day shutting up theirsummer home for the year.

We got to the store only to find thatthe owner had shut up shop for the weekend.

4. To confine.

Thatdog bites. It should be shut up.

John has been shut up with a coldall week.

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Значение идиомы shut up