My day (1)

В топике Мой день (1) я хочу рассказать, как я провожу свои будние и выходные дни. Считаю, что очень важно ложиться спать до полуночи и вставать рано утром, особенно в будние дни. Так я и делаю и, с утра в будни, успеваю сделать пробежку и упражнения в парке. Я не считаю полезным читать газеты и смотреть последние новости по ТВ за завтраком, лучше это сделать на работе. До университета я добираюсь на велосипеде, затем – учебные занятия, потом – занятии карате или уроки игры на гитаре. Возвратившись домой в 7 часов вечера, я ужинаю и выполняю домашнее

задание, а свободное время я трачу на чтение классической литературы или играю на гитаре. По выходным я просыпаюсь позже и, в течение дня, у меня есть время на репетиции в моей рок-группе, я могу также погулять с друзьями или почитать книги. Дневной график, которому мы привыкли следовать, организует нашу жизнь и не позволяет тратить драгоценное время впустую.

As many people I have different timetables on weekdays and weekends. I think that it is very important to go to bed before midnight and to get up quite early in the morning, especially on weekdays. Thus you can manage to do everything you plan to do. My major duty is to study at the university. My classes usually begin at about 10 o’clock.

Every day I get up at half past six. I take a cool shower then go jogging to the park near my place. So I do jogging for about thirty minutes and then do some exercises. After this I do not feel sleepy at all. I feel refreshed and full of energy. Besides fresh air and birds singing improves

my mood greatly even on Mondays.

I return home at about 8 o’clock, take a shower and then have breakfast. I know the first thing many people do when they get up in the morning is to turn on TV. They do it automatically because they are used to all this artificial noise. And when they have breakfast they watch news or morning programs. Well I think all this is the key to our morning depression or bad mood. It is better to read or hear news later at work. I even hate reading newspapers and entertaining magazines in the morning. I like to talk with my parents while having breakfast.

After breakfast I put all the necessary books into my bag and get dressed. I leave home at about 9 o’clock. I get to my university by bicycle. My classes usually finish at 4 p. m. When classes are over I go to the sports center where I have karate lessons. I have karate lessons three times a week. When I do not have them, I take guitar lessons.

I come home at 7 o’clock. I have dinner and start doing my homework at 8 o’clock. If I have some spare time after doing homework, I play the guitar or read classical literature. I go to bed at about half past eleven.

On weekends I usually get up at 8 o’clock and do the same things I do on weekdays except going to university. At 12 o’clock I rehearse with in the rock band where I play the guitar. Our rehearsal ends in the evening. On weekends I can stay at home and read books, or go somewhere with my friends.

I think that it is very useful when one has a timetable to follow. I am sure that this prevents us from wasting precious time.

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My day (1)