Types and Characteristics of Apartments

Lily: Thanks for coming with me to meet the Rental agent to view an Apartment, but I think I’m Lost. I’m supposed to be there in 10 minutes, but I can’t find it. There are four different Apartment complexes located next to each other and they look Identical.

Omid: Don’t you have the address?

Lily: Yes, but all of the complexes in this Subdivision look the same, and I don’t see a Street number on any of them.

Omid: Are you sure we’re looking for a Block of apartments? Maybe the apartment is in a Mixed-use building, like that one over there.

Lily: I’m pretty sure. At least I know it’s in a High-rise building and the apartment is on the eighth Floor. That mixed-use building is only three stories high.

Omid: Oh, then it’s not a Duplex or Triplex, like those over there.

Lily: No, it’s definitely not one of those. I’d better call the rental agent and get directions.

Omid: Hey, look over there. I see a couple of the Residents of that building walking out. Let’s ask them. Excuse me. Excuse me! Oh, they didn’t hear me.

Lily: I’ll just make the call.

Omid: Well, you can be sure of one thing if you move into one of these complexes.

Lily: What?

Omid: The Bill collectors will never be able to find you!

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