Ending a Bad Date

I was on a date From hell.

I agreed to go out with this guy who lives in the same apartment building as I do, but he’s turned out to be a real Creep. He was nice enough at the start of the date, but then he started drinking. Now he’s Drunk and I’m miserable.

I wanted To let him down gently since I’d be seeing him around the apartment building, but I didn’t want to spend another minute with him.

Fatima: Listen, Rob, I just don’t think we’re Hitting it off. You’re a really nice guy, but I just don’t think we have much Chemistry.

Rob: Are you kidding? I’m having The time of my life. We’re just getting started here. Bartender, another Round!

I realized that I needed to be more Straightforward with him in case I was giving him Mixed signals.

Fatima: I’m sorry, Rob, but I think this is The end of the road for this date. Thanks a lot for the drinks and I’ll see you around.

Rob: What? You’re leaving? How about a Goodnight kiss? Come over here and give me that kiss.

I wanted To keep my cool, but when he tried to kiss me, that did it!

Fatima: You’re Stinking drunk and this date is over. Capisce?

I got up and left. What is it about alcohol that turns Prince Charming into a frog?

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