Preparing for a Video Conference

Emiliano: I’m not sure about this Video conference today. It’s The next best thing to having a meeting Face-to-face, but I’ve never used most of this equipment before.

Fatima: It’s A piece of cake. Do you want to do a Run-through with me?

Emiliano: Do you mind? I’d really like to make sure that I know how To work this Webcam and Microphone.

Fatima: I don’t mind at all. Okay, we have Internet connectivity, so Streaming won’t be a problem. The Speakers on both computers are Turned up.

Emiliano: Do you know how to Adjust this webcam? Right now, it’s focused on my right ear!

Fatima: That’s easy. Just use these buttons to Zoom in or out, and you can Tilt up or down.

Emiliano: Oh, I see. That’s better. Now you can see my entire face. Are you getting Audio on your side?

Fatima: Yes, you’re coming in Loud and clear. I think we’re In business.

Emiliano: Well, that wasn’t so hard. Let’s hope it goes this smoothly this afternoon.

Fatima: If you have a problem, just give me a call.

Emiliano: Thanks. I really appreciate it!

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Preparing for a Video Conference