At the Bakery

Clerk: Hi, can I help you?

Leticia: Hi. I’m trying To make up my mind about which kind of Dessert to get. Everything in the Case looks delicious.

Clerk: Thanks. As you can see, we have a lot of different types of Cookies, brownies, cakes, and Muffins over here.

Leticia: Ooh, that cake looks wonderful. How many people does it serve?

Clerk: This one? It has three Layers, and it serves between eight and 10 people, depending on how you Slice it. If you like chocolate, you may like this one over here with the Frosting and Sprinkles.

Leticia: Oh, that looks good, too. Hmm. It’s so hard to decide. Why don’t I take the layer cake, and I’d like a dozen of these cookies, too.

Clerk: Our cookies, muffins, and Scones always come in Baker’s dozens. Can I get you anything else?

Leticia: I think I’d like a bag of those Biscotti, too.

Clerk: Sure, no problem. Would you like the cookies and biscotti in the same box as the cake?

Leticia: No. Please put them in separate boxes, If you don’t mind.

Clerk: Not at all. Here you are.

Leticia: Thanks. We’ll be having an Overload of Sugar for the next few days!

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At the Bakery