Storing Food

Lee: Wow, what are we going to do with all these Leftovers?

Sarah: Let’s Store them in different Containers and we can each take some to work to share. We won’t be able to eat all of this ourselves, and I don’t want it To go to waste.

Lee: Okay, I’ll get some Plastic containers and Sandwich bags for the cookies.

Sarah: Can you also grab some Wax paper, too? We’ll need to put some between each brownie so they don’t stick together.

Lee: We’re not going to have enough plastic containers. How about Wrapping up some of this food in Saran wrap or Aluminum foil?

Sarah: Great idea. I think I have some Freezer bags, too. We Might as well freeze a couple of pieces of cake to eat later.

Lee: I wish we could Vacuum seal them and store more pieces. That cake was really good!

Sarah: I know. I could eat three pieces In one sitting.

Lee: Hmm. On second thought, for the sake of our Waistlines, maybe that wouldn’t be such a good idea.

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