Describing Speed and Pace

Chiu: Come on, Slowpoke, Hurry up! We’ll never get to the top of the hill if you don’t Get a move on.

Sarah: There’s no way you’re going to get me to move at Breakneck speed. I’ve gone up at least 500 steps already, and my legs are about to fall off. Tell me again why we’re Trudging up this hill?

Chiu: It’s the only way to the Ruins and the view from there will really be Worth your while. Trust me. Pick up the pace or we won’t get there before sunset!

Sarah: It’s not like I’m Dawdling here. I may be moving At a snail’s pace, but this is as fast as I can manage without Keeling over. If you’re in such a hurry, you can Sprint up there by yourself. Go ahead. Impress me with your Blinding speed.

Chiu: I’m not about to leave you here all by yourself.

Sarah: Why? Do you Feel sorry for me?

Chiu: Yes, I always feel sorry for the Physically challenged.

Sarah: Oh, yeah? Better physically challenged than Mentally challenged!

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