Driving Through a Speed Trap

Angel: Why are you driving At a snail’s pace?

Georgina: This is an Infamous speed trap. I don’t want to get a Ticket – again.

Angel: I don’t see any Squad cars along the road. Are you sure this is the right Stretch of road?

Georgina: I’m sure. Those Cops are Crafty. They Hide out behind big rocks or a Bend in the road, and as soon as you Let your guard down and go over the speed limit, they Nab you.

Angel: But you’re not Exceeding the Speed limit. In fact, you’re driving Way under the speed limit.

Georgina: You can’t be too careful. You never know if those Speed guns are accurate, and I don’t want there to be any doubt that I’m being a Law-abiding citizen.

Angel: But at this pace, we could get home faster if we walked!

Georgina: Don’t Exaggerate. You might be able to run home faster, but not walk.

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