Dangerous Freeway Driving

I do a lot of driving in my job. You would think that driving several hours Each way would Get old really fast, but I have ways of making an Interminable drive seem much more exciting.

I like to drive fast on the freeways. I usually Pass all of the slower cars by staying in the Passing lane. When there’s a slow-moving car in the passing lane, though, I Tailgate it until the driver moves over to another lane. If the driver doesn’t move over, I Weave back and forth from one lane to another until I get around it. What can I say? I just don’t like anyone To keep me from the Open road.

Sometimes, I Encounter another driver who likes to drive fast and we have a Drag race. I know how To bird dog the other car until I see a way To speed up and Overtake it. That’s why I almost always win.

As you can see, I know how To spice up a boring drive. I hope to see you soon – On the road.

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Dangerous Freeway Driving