Describing Facial Expressions

Marjorie: I wish I could have been there when you told the managers that you were leaving the company and starting your own business!

Pedro: Everyone was Taken aback. Dan Gave me a dirty look, of course. He’s always Looked down his nose at me. As for Sanjaya, If looks could kill…

Marjorie: Sanjaya? I thought if anyone would understand why you wanted To strike out on your own, he would. I honestly don’t know him that well, but I thought he was a Happy-go-lucky kind of guy.

Pedro: Maybe I Misread him, but he certainly wasn’t Grinning ear to ear. He just had a Frown on his face the entire time.

Marjorie: What about Wendy? How did she react?

Pedro: I’m Not sure what to make of her reaction. She just Raised her eyebrows at me. She sort of Winced when I broke the news, and then she had a Poker face. I really hope she’s not angry with me.

Marjorie: I think you’d know it if she were angry with you. The last time she was mad at me, she was Purple with rage. So, aren’t you happy about your big announcement? I don’t get it. Why the Long face?

Pedro: I just wonder if I did the right thing by making an announcement, rather than telling each manager individually. I thought it would feel good To spring it on them all at once, but now I’m doubting whether I did the right thing.

Marjorie: It’s no use Crying over spilled milk. Forget about the announcement and focus on your new business. You’re going to be big success!

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Describing Facial Expressions