An Untrustworthy Co-worker

Vicky: Did I Imagine it or did you just give Gavin The cold shoulder?

Gerard: You didn’t imagine it. I’m not too happy with him.

Vicky: Why? What did he do?

Gerard: He’s Two-faced, that’s why. Last week, he told me he was going To put in a good word for me with the manager for a Promotion.

Vicky: So that sounds like a nice thing to do.

Gerard: I thought so, too. But as it turns out, I heard from Elanda that he was Bad-mouthing me Behind my back.

Vicky: Are you sure?

Gerard: I’m sure. He told Elanda that he thought I had gone pretty far in the company for someone who had dropped out of college. That’s a Backhanded compliment, if I’ve ever heard one.

Vicky: That sounds pretty Nasty. At least the manager wasn’t around.

Gerard: She wasn’t, but Who’s to say what he told her behind my back?

Vicky: You know, the manager is pretty Sharp and nothing Gets by her. I’m sure she’ll Put two and two together and realize that Gavin isn’t Trustworthy.

Gerard: I hope so. With friends like him, who needs enemies!

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An Untrustworthy Co-worker