New Year’s Party

I walked into the office and saw Rob with his Head down on his desk. I Tapped him on the shoulder.

Christy: You look like you had a good New Year’s.

Rob: Yeah, too good. I’m trying To catch up on sleep.

Christy: Oh yeah? What did you do?

Rob: I went to a New Year’s party at the Key Club on the Sunset Strip with a few buddies of mine. The Fireworks at midnight were great. I met this great girl there, too. Champagne was Flowing everywhere and I had a great time.

Christy: Sounds like fun. What was the girl’s name?

Rob: Uh It was Rosa or Rebecca, or something.

Christy: I see you really got to know her well. But, I thought you and Vince were going to the Rose Bowl Parade.

Rob: Yeah, we did. After we left the Key Club, we Changed and took our Stuff down to the parade route. We managed to find a place to Camp out. There were Tons of people there already. We ended up Striking up conversations with some Out-of-towners from Cleveland, and a Couple who knew the Grand marshal for this year’s parade.

Christy: How was the parade itself?

Rob: It was great, I think. I fell asleep half way through it but the Floats I saw were pretty amazing.

Christy: It sounds like you need a few days to Recover.

Rob: Yeah, definitely. Wake me up when the boss comes in, will you?

Christy: Yeah, right. Hey, Heads up. Here she comes.

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