A Practical Joke

Joey: I’ve had it! I’m not going to Take it anymore.

Rachel: What’s the matter?

Joey: I’m sick and tired of Being the butt of Chandler’s Practical jokes. One of these days, he’s really going to get someone hurt.

Rachel: Oh, no. What has he done now?

Joey: I went back to my office after lunch and sat down at my desk. After about a half hour, I got up to get some coffee. I walked out of my office and I hear Phoebe Giggling behind me.

Rachel: What was so funny?

Joey: Chandler had put a Sticker on my chair that Stuck to my pants when I got up.

Rachel: What did it say?

Joey: It said, “I’m a Red Hot Mama.”

Rachel: That’s terrible. I can see why you’re mad. You may be a red hot Papa, but definitely not a red hot mama.

Joey: Very funny. One of these days, He’s going to get it. I’m planning my Revenge

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