Cooking a Meal

Emeril: Can you hand me that Pan?

Rachel: This Pot?

Emeril: No, that pan over there. I need To pan-fry these vegetables.

Rachel: Wouldn’t be healthier if we Steamed the vegetables or Grilled them?

Emeril: Maybe, but for this meal, I’m frying them in this pan.

Rachel: Okay, do you want me To heat this sauce in this Saucepan?

Emeril: No, I’m going To microwave that right before I serve it.

Rachel: Have you considered Simmering it in a saucepan to get a better Consistency?

Emeril: We don’t have time for that. Slice this meat and Marinade it before I broil it.

Rachel: Maybe we could Bake it at a lower temperature so that the meat won’t get Dried out.

Emeril: We’ll try that another time. Can you get that Cutting board and Chop these carrots and Dice these onions?

Rachel: Sure, but don’t you think…?

Emeril: What I think is that there will be six hungry children coming through that door in an hour and I need to finish dinner. You’re here to help, right?

Rachel: Yes, of course. That’s exactly what I was trying to do.

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Cooking a Meal