Food what do you eat – Еда что ты ешь

Food is an essential part of our daily life. One famous English saying goes “We are what we eat”, and it’s true. The food we eat can influence our body and our mind. It contains nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates. Different products contain different nutrients. For example, we can get lots of vitamins eating fruit and vegetables. As for me, I like salads very much but I don’t like meat products.

The food we choose to eat depends on many factors. First and the most important is the taste. If we like the taste of the product, we often eat it. The second factor is its nutritional value. If the product is healthy and useful for our body, we should add it to our ration. Other factors include culture and religion. Advertising also influences our choices a lot. When we see colourful ads on TV, we decide to try the product. For some people food is just a fuel for energy. For me, it’s a pleasure. I like almost everything, except meat products and spinach.

My usual day includes three or four meals. For breakfast, I prefer a cup of tea with a cheese and ham sandwich. Sometimes I eat cereal with milk and drink a glass of orange juice. For lunch, I prefer salads from fresh vegetables and a soup. At about 5pm I have a cup of coffee with shortcake. For dinner, I like pasta or rice with vegetables. Sometimes I eat French fries and hamburgers but I know that it contains a lot of fat. That’s why I try to cut down on fast food. I also try to it less sugar and salt.

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