Food buying – Покупка еды

Supermarkets have become an ordinary tiling in the life of a modern city. Most people go there to buy food. There is also a wide choice of pet food and household goods like soap, detergents, toothpaste, ortoothbrushes there. Supermarkets can save a lot of time as you can do all the shopping inone place.

Supermarkets work on the self-service system: you go in, take a basket, walk round the shop, choose what you want and go to the cash-desk where you pay. Those who try to save money usually make a shopping list so as not to buy those goods which they do not really need.

Let’s go into one of the supermarkets. Let’s see what we can choose. There are all kinds of food here: fresh, frozen, canned, cooked, and un­cooked. We can find meat, sausages, fish and sea-food, vegetables and fruits, dairy products, cereals, bread, sweets, spices, strong and soft drinks.

Frozen and uncooked food is often heated or cooked in microwave ovens. They have changed home cooking greatly. It has become more convenient and doesn’t take long.

Lots of families do their shopping in the supermarkets once a week. It’s enough to buy food and some other things for the whole week.

Ordinary food shops can also offer their customers a wide choice of goods. But unlike long ago, they do not only sell bread or meat but usu­ally have some other goods to attract more people. You can very often buy cereals at the bakery and drinks at the dairy.

Nowadays computer-based shopping is getting more and more pop­ular. Customers can choose goods at home and get them in the supermar­ket at once or even have them delivered.

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Food buying – Покупка еды