Using Herbs and Spices in Cooking

Gisela: That smells wonderful!

Danny: This is my family’s Recipe. The secret is in the combination of Seasonings we use.

Gisela: I can see that. You must have 30 different Dried and fresh Herbs and Spices on this counter.

Danny: To get a Bold flavor, we use a lot of Aromatic seeds, Barks, and Roots.

Gisela: How much do you put in of each one?

Danny: Precise measurements aren’t really necessary. I put in a Pinch of this and a Dash of that. I add them To taste.

Gisela: So getting the recipe wouldn’t do me any good, huh?

Danny: I’m afraid not. I learned how to make this in my mother’s kitchen.

Gisela: Would you teach me if I volunteered to be your Apprentice, doing all of your Prep work?

Danny: That depends.

Gisela: On what?

Danny: On how quick you are with this Potato peeler.

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