Having Skin Problems

Mother: Doctor, this is my son Danny. I brought him in so you could look at his Rash.

Doctor: Okay, Danny. Have a seat on the Exam table. How long have you had the rash?

Mother: My son has had that rash for about two weeks. It Started out as a Blister, and then it got really Itchy and turned red. Could it be an Infection?

Doctor: I’ll need to take a closer look at it first before I can tell you that.

Mother: I hope it’s not anything serious. I hope it’s not Skin cancer!

Doctor: Let’s not Get ahead of ourselves. Okay, let’s take a look…

Mother: While you’re at it, could you look at this Bump on Danny’s neck? I think it’s a Mole.

Doctor: That looks like a Birthmark, but I’ll take a look.

Mother: And could you look at this Wart? If you remove it, will it leave a Scar?

Doctor: I’m not sure it is a wart. Let me examine it first, and I’ll tell you what Treatment I recommend.

Mother: Oh, and Doctor, could you look at Danny’s Pimples? He just started getting them. I had really bad Acne when I was his age.

Doctor: Is there anything else?

Mother: Well, Since you asked

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Having Skin Problems