Going to the Emergency Room

Saturday, 9:35 p. m.

I arrive in the Emergency room. I had been at a party earlier in the evening when I accidentally cut my finger. My finger wasn’t Severed, but it did have a very deep cut and I thought I might need Stitches. I check in at the Admissions desk and I’m told to take a seat and wait.

Saturday, 10:40 p. m.

I’m still waiting to see a doctor. The Waiting room is Filled to capacity and I expect it to be a long night.

Saturday, 11:15 p. m.

Several Ambulances pull up to the door and EMTs wheel in several people on Stretchers. I hear that there had been a Pileup on Freeway 215 and these were the victims. I can see a doctor performing Triage and the most Critical cases are taken into Exam rooms and maybe directly into Surgery.

Sunday, 1:25 p. m.

I decide to Give up and go home. If I hadn’t Bled to death by that time, I could probably wait until Monday to see my regular physician.

My evening in the emergency room wasn’t a Total loss, though. I learned a valuable lesson: Never Voluntarily go to the emergency room!

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