Rearranging Living Room Furniture

Amy: I think Rearranging the furniture will make the Living room look more Spacious. Don’t you?

Jacob: Uh, sure.

Amy: Can you help me move this Couch against this wall?

Jacob: Okay, but are you sure you want it over there? Because it’s really heavy and a pain to move.

Amy: I’m sure. Let’s move the Loveseat across from it. Now, can you move the Recliner into the corner?

Jacob: Uh! Here?

Amy: Umm…a little to the left. Perfect!

Jacob: Are you sure?

Amy: Absolutely! Okay, the End tables go on each side of the couch, and the Coffee table goes between the couch and the loveseat.

Jacob: Where do you want the Ottoman and where do the lamps go?

Amy: Put the ottoman next to the loveseat. The Table lamps go on the end tables and the Floor lamp should go next to the recliner.

Jacob: There’s no room for the Rocking chair.

Amy: Hmm…I guess the rocking chair can go into the Guestroom.

Jacob: What about the Credenza?

Amy: You’re right. This new Configuration won’t work.

Jacob: You mean you want to put everything back to where it was?

Amy: Yup, we’re Back to square one!

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