Resembling One’s Parents

Khaled: Hi, what are you looking at?

Susanna: Your Photo albums. Your roommate let me in and said I could make myself comfortable while I waited for you.

Khaled: There are some really Incriminating pictures in there. You’d better give those back to me.

Susanna: Not yet! I’m looking at your Baby pictures and your Family portraits. You’re the Spitting image of your mother.

Khaled: That’s not my mother. That was our neighbor.

Susanna: Oh, now that I look a little closer, I can see that you Resemble your father. You’re A chip off the old block.

Khaled: That’s not my father. That’s my father’s friend. Now, why don’t I take those…

Susanna: Wait! These Candids of your birthday parties are so Cute! You were so Adorable!

Khaled: Right. When I was a kid, I had A face only a mother could love.

Susanna: That’s not true! You have a great Profile. I’d expect to see your Likeness in paintings and on Statues.

Khaled: Okay, enough with the Brown-nosing. What do you really want?

Susanna: I don’t want anything…okay, just one little thing. My cousin is in town. I want to go out with Rick tonight and I thought we could double date. Me, Rick, my cousin…and you. What do you say?

Khaled: I knew it had to be something. Does she Look like you?

Susanna: We are like Two peas in a pod.

Khaled: Then, forget it!

Susanna: Hmph!

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