Money Laundering

Susanna: What’s going on in the office next door? I heard that the police Shut down their business.

Clark: You heard right. The cops had long Suspected that the business operating out of that office wasn’t Legit.

Susanna: Not legit?

Clark: Yeah, it was a Front for Money laundering. The So-called services it offered were a Sham. It was a way for people to send them Dirty money and for the business To legitimize those funds.

Susanna: But who was involved?

Clark: I’m not sure, but I imagine they’re people who want To evade taxes or To circumvent certain laws or regulations. I wouldn’t be surprised if their clients were people with Underworld connections.

Susanna: You mean Organized crime?

Clark: Yeah, they’re probably Drug lords, Smugglers, and Racketeers.

Susanna: Wow and the people who helped them were working next door to us all that time.

Clark: And we didn’t know a thing about it. How Awful.

Susanna: How exciting!

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