Time Management

Ruby: I’m Snowed under With work! I can’t seem to keep up with everything I have to do. You’re always so organized and Efficient. How do you do it?

Ian: I’m not always organized and efficient, but I’ve gotten better since I read a book about Time management. I use a few Tools that the book recommends, which help me to plan and To keep track of deadlines.

Ruby: Do you think it would help me?

Ian: Definitely. This is what I do. I keep a To-do list of all of the things I need to do. Then, I decide which Tasks are High-priority and which have Low-priority. I write down the deadline I’m given for the task or I Assign a deadline of my own, and I make a note of the most Urgent tasks.

Ruby: That seems pretty simple, but how do I keep track of the progress I make on a task? Sometimes things just Slip through the cracks for me.

Ian: I do a couple of things. First, I keep my list updated. I Check off Or Cross off those that I’ve done. I also put Reminders for myself on my computer to help me with Scheduling. It helps me to remember my appointments and to Allocate my time better.

Ruby: That sounds like a great system. All I need now is some extra time so I can start doing some time management!

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Time Management