Different Management Styles

Bianca: Today’s the day. We’re supposed to find out who the new Manager is going to be. I hope they’re not making a mistake by Hiring internally.

Conrad: I just hope they don’t pick Melissa. She would be a disaster.

Bianca: Why do you say that? I like Melissa.

Conrad: I like her, too, but she can be so Autocratic. Give her a little power and it Goes to her head. Every decision would be Top-down.

Bianca: You might be right, but I think Quentin would be worse. He would be so Laissez-faire that it would be like not having a manager at all. He’d Delegate everything and then sit back and do nothing.

Conrad: I’ll grant you that. Quentin would be a horrible manager. What about Jemima? She’s popular with nearly everybody in the office.

Bianca: I suppose Jemima would be a Bearable option. She likes to Collaborate and often Consults with other people to get their Feedback. But I’m Backing a different horse, one that would be the ideal.

Conrad: Who?

Bianca: You.

Conrad: Me? No way. I Don’t have a chance in hell. And plus, how do you know I’d be a good manager?

Bianca: You’d be Democratic in your decision-making and I’d like that. You wouldn’t Rule with an iron fist.

Conrad: That’s what you think. Give me a little power and you can start calling me Commandant.

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Different Management Styles